Avadh Technometals Pvt Ltd

“Casting unit equipped with State of Art Technology”

Avadh Technometals Pvt Ltd has established itself as a pioneering force in advanced manufacturing, distinguished by its proficiency in leveraging both the green and no-bake sand processes. The plant has the capability to produce castings up to 200 kgs in a single piece, in low alloy steel, SG Iron with a monthly production capacity of 450 tonnes.

The company has an in-house pattern-making shop with experienced pattern makers and method engineers. We are one of the most conscious manufacturers in India as our products are used in various industries like Defense, Railway and Automobiles.


Cast Iron, SG Iron (Ductile) & Alloy steel casting as per International Standards. Avadh Technometals Pvt Ltd is a leader in advanced manufacturing with the ability to utilize both the green sand process and the no-bake sand process.

  • We have Omega Sinto Line 10TPH for the no-bake process.
  • We have an Inductotherm which has a capacity of 750kg furnace.
  • We have Short Blasting Machines.
  • We have a Heat treatment Facility.


Machining is the process used to remove material, typically metal, to create parts for machines, tools, transportation, and more. Machine shops and machinists use equipment like lathes, mills, and drill presses to turn material into useful tools using precise cuts. Plants are equipped with high precision Computer numeric control machines with facilities to machine small, medium and large precision components.

  • HMC
  • VTL
  • VMC
  • CNC Turning Machine


Chemical, Mechanical and Sand Testing Labs

  • Carl Zeiss CMM
  • Computerized Tensile Testing machine
  • Universal Testing Machine (Load Capacity – 100 Tons)
  • MPI (fully automatic) and many more
  • ProCAST Casting Simulation Software
  • CAD Solidworks
  • CAM PowerMill Delcam