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Viraj Bansal is the author of ” A Handbook on Engineering Management to meet the global challenges”

“The industry today demands the personnel who would snatch the lion’s share of business putting their hands in it’s mouth. When Viraj Bansal says this, he re-emphasizes multi-dimensional and 36–degree analysis. Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling are the shared building blocks of Engineering and Management education. These things have been taking into consideration while designing this course.The book is decided to target the core of the amalgamation of Engineering & Management.”

Couse Introduction

Course Introduction

Operation Strategy for Industry

Quality, Reliability , Management & Logistics, Operations Management

Project Planning

Financial Analysis & Control Systems

Engineering Management Corporate

Manufacturing Technology

Product Design & Development Management

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What Industry Experts say?

Vivek Agarwal – CEO (Vista Information System)

“The course material is upto the mark and the teaching approach followed is excellent. The instructor does a good job by clearly communicating and explaining concepts. The course will not feel like it is being taught in isolation, rather in a way that every subtopic is well connected.”

Avnish Arora – Senior Vice President (HBL Power Systems)

“This course is bound to help students to hone their hidden skills. Thanks to the well thought out and professionally structured course content. The reading exercises, video lectures and discussion forums offered by this course run by M/S Hotspot Infodot will not only help students to learn practical nuances but also make them to lucidly understand the growth avenues within a vast subject like Engineering Management.”

Ashutosh Singh – Trend Micro

“There is no denying that this course will serve as a model for online courses. The embedded videos and course material are a good example of how we can, and should, engage our student community.”