VANS Electro Engineering Pvt Ltd

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Our Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) is provided with a series of accessories that offers convenience to the client. Our enterprise is one of the finest VCB manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our manufacturing and testing unit is in Salem Tamil Nadu. We have state-of-art manufacturing and testing facilities like circuit Breaker Parameters Analyzer, HV test set, High Voltage Testing transformer etc. VCB is a strong design which is Incorporates a unique Vacuum Bottle designed to meet the stringent RDSO standards. Insulators with 1300 mm (plus) creepage distance are suitable for very heavily polluted atmospheric conditions. VCB has long electrical and mechanical life with Minimum maintenance and no fire hazard.


VCB can be used as a sectioning interrupter at subsectional and paralleling posts. It can also be as paralleling interrupter at sectioning post (SP) and sub sectioning and paralleling post (SSP), as bridging Interrupter at sectioning post (SP), as feeding interrupter at feeding post (FP) and as bus coupler interrupter at TSS.It can also be used as a transformer breaker on the secondary side of the traction transformer, as a shunt capacitor bank breaker for controlling power supply to the capacitor bank, as a feeder breaker for controlling power supply to OHE through interrupter and for controlling power supply to major yards/loco sheds.